CECC has two locations in North Toronto, our main site is in Eglinton School and our secondary site is in St. Monica Catholic School. An important advantage of being in a school, apart from the convenience for our families, is that the children can make the transition from child care to school without leaving the building. Other advantages are that we are able to co-ordinate special events for our families, and we have school representation on our Board of Directors. The child care teachers at CECC and the school teachers at Eglinton and St. Monica's ensure that our shared children receive the best possible care and education one can provide.

Eglinton (CECC - Main Site)

We occupy the west wing of the school and also have use of the gym, library, staff room, as well as both playgrounds.

St. Monica's Satellite Programme

We occupy a classroom in St.Monica School. We also have use of the school's playground and gym.

St. Monica's Satellite Programme is an integral part of CECC. It is treated as an extension of our main site at Eglinton Public School. Staff, equipment and budget are shared between both sites. Occasionally the staff and children from St. Monica's will visit Eglinton for special events, staff meetings etc. St. Monica's School Age Programme may operate at Eglinton on shared professional development days, March Break, Christmas Break and during the summer.