To have your child added to our waitlist, please send us an email ( with the following information:

  • Child's name, date of birth, programme of choice and requested start date
  • Contact information including home address, phone number & email address.

    If you have been contacted by CECC and you have been offered a space, please download, complete and return the application form and appropriate appendices to our office.

  • Application Form (12 pages - please print double-sided if possible)
  • A: To be completed if you have a City of Toronto Subsidy
  • B: To be completed if medication and/or EPI Pen to be delivered by CECC staff
  • C: To be completed if you want to share key words from your child's first language
  • D: To be completed by you and your child's doctor, if he/she has an Anaphylatic Allergy

    Forms for Summer Camp 2018

  • Summer Camp Application 2018 for Full Fee Families
  • Summer Camp Application 2018 for Subsidized Families

    2018 Family Handbook